Our Innovations

P2S is innovation centric education system that is based on multidisciplinary innovations. Currently, P2S uses the following 16 innovative models, and framework:

P2S has developed innovative frameworks, and technologies to assure the ultimate comprehension of a student for every educational content, and accelerate the acquisition of tacit knowledge.

P2S uses multidimensional depictive, and descriptive knowledge representation framework to deliver educational contents that directly addresses native mental representation putting into consideration student’s cognitive and pedagogical activities.

P2S has developed smart, and ubiquitous devices for students, educators, administrators, and student guardians. These devices disruptively accelerate the learning process via optimal mutual coordination.

Students in P2S engage continuously in innovation using cutting-edge ecosystem platform that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to coordinate innovation processes regulating group of students.

Our mental models are imperfect, and are constrained with various cognitive biases and learning barriers. As such, P2S developed intelligent technology to detect, and tackle these impediments.

P2S developed distinctive design for its schools to foster learning process, and optimize students’ happiness. Our objective is to provide joyous, and ubiquitous learning environment.

In P2S, we have created a technology to iteratively create the avatar of the student by eliciting multi-dimensional student competencies information. This promotes student tailored educational contents.

We have developed virtual student lab (VSL) to promote the execution of physically, and ethically infeasible experiments such as virtual experimentation with animals, resource intensive scientific experiments … etc.

In P2S, we promote student exchange to optimize the learning process by creating global competition environment. In P2S, students are relocated virtually via our international exchange virtualization (IEV) platform.

Educators, administrators, students, and guardians are encouraged to collaborate globally with others using our Virtual International Collaboration Network (VICN). This fosters the efficient exchange of knowledge, and experiences.

Students in P2S are expected to engage in intensive research as part of the learning process. This is accelerated and consolidated via research automation platform, and digital knowledge ecosystems.

Basic Student performance indicators are automatically measured using smart educational devices. Advanced measurements are computed using advanced multidisciplinary models to promote timely intervention.

Students engage continuously in incentive based contest using our educational contest platform. Students learning is optimized while competing with other students to capture incentives, and achieve triumphs.

In P2S, we believe that the collaboration of school and family optimizes the learning process. Consequently, we have created intuitive coordination platform called Intelligent School Family Integrator (ISFI).

To promote learning process that utilizes artificial mental imageries (AMI) to communicate directly with student’s mental process, we developed easy to tailor template libraries of AMIs that represent diverse knowledge domains.

Continuous mining the capabilities of the student is very essential in P2S education system to optimize the learning process by consolidating the strength, and tackling weaknesses. This is accomplished via Intelligent Talent Miner (ITM) technology.