About Prestigious Smart School (P2S)

Prestigious Smart Schools (P2S) are disruptive educational system that radically redefines the concept of educational delivery from pre-school to year 12. This educational system delivers customized educational content to each student by utilizing advances in pedological sciences, developmental psychology, cognitive sciences, computational epistemology, artificial intelligence, knowledge ecosystems, educational technologies, and other related sciences.

Historical analysis of educational systems shows that nothing has changed in the educational delivery practices regardless of scientific, and technological advancements. In P2S, we have extensively conducted multidisciplinary research to radically transform schools into intensive learning environment where students pleasantly learn via their comfort zone within 4 hours engagement per day.

Our Vision

To be global leading educational system that generates world class professionals, and scholars via enjoyable educational experiences.

Our Mission

To seamlessly equip the new generation with efficient tacit knowledge via radically innovative educational delivery system.

Our main objectives in P2S are as follows

  •  Equipping students with superior knowledge to strive and excel in the globally competitive knowledge-based economies.
  •  Equipping students to joyously excel in the world’s most prestigious tertiary institutions with minimal effort.
  •  Fostering morally superior, and rule abiding ideal generations.
  •  Delivering educational contents within the students’ comfort zone.
  •  Minimize students’ load by minimizing cognitive loads via concentrated educational delivery techniques, frameworks, and technologies.
  •  Continuously evaluate student’s mental, and emotional health to proactively accomplish ultimate happiness.
  •  Delivering customized educational contents to single student by understanding the competencies of a student from multi-perspective viewpoint using latest advancements in cognitive, and pedological sciences.
  •  Empower students to discover their intrinsic capabilities, and efficiently develop these competencies throughout their educational journey.
  •  Cultivating students’ ingenuity by stimulating their creativity using artificial mental imagery based imagination profiling, and learning technologies.
  •  Synchronizing educational systems with home to optimize the learning processes both at school and home by mutually collaborating with the student’s guardiancies.
  •  Promoting learning outside school boundaries via extended digital educational ecosystem.